Guess what? Sydney siders are trading the city chaos for the serene vibes of Lake Macquarie, and a recent report spilled the beans on it being the hottest spot for those ditching the big smoke.

According to the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), Lake Macquarie is officially the fourth most desirable spot in the whole of Australia and holds the crown for the number one spot in New South Wales for city escapees. Sorry, Wollongong, you’ve been nudged out of the top five.

Now, why the sudden love for Lake Macquarie? Well, it’s not just about the stunning scenery or the fact that it’s a stone’s throw from the beach and the mountains. It’s that laid-back lifestyle that everyone’s raving about. Plus, the real estate won’t break the bank, making it a win-win for those seeking both tranquility and financial sanity.

In a nutshell, the RAI’s “Regional Movers Index” spilled the beans for the December 2022 quarter, revealing a whopping 30% surge in people making the jump from the city to the lakeside.

And, surprise, surprise, Lake Macquarie Mayor, Kay Fraser, is not shocked at all. She says, “We’re increasingly in the sights of people seeking a move away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan centres.” Makes sense, right?

What’s the secret sauce? Well, according to Mayor Fraser, Lake Macquarie packs all the perks of coastal living without the city price tag. She’s also not holding back on the fact that they’re investing in the region’s facilities and infrastructure, turning it into a sweet spot for today, tomorrow, and the years ahead.

One Sydney escapee, Danka Gralik, did just that. She and her partner made the leap from Manly to Caves Beach, and guess what? No regrets. “Buying a house just wasn’t possible in Manly but this has been the best change,” says Danka. She’s loving the family-friendly vibe, the renovations, and the new homes popping up like mushrooms after rain.

So, if you’re dreaming of a lifestyle where the city noise is replaced by the sound of lapping water, and your weekend plans involve more kayaking than commuting, Lake Macquarie might just be your next home sweet home.